Key Figures and Record-Keeping

Land Info

  • 1855-1859 Minutes of the Board House of Industry
  • Erected: 1848
  • Size: 100 Ft. Front x 49 Ft. Depth
  • Space on ground: 166 x 160 (Cost: 365 Pounds)
  • Accommodation: 80-100 guests
  • Private subscriptions

Land Info - Minutes

  • Left image: 1930, City Council gives $20,000 for repair/ improvements
  • Right image: 87 Elm St.

Annual Reports

  • Very detailed and neat record-keeping
  • Outlines number of guests (in the past year, where they were from, sex, nationality, religious denomination)
  • Includes maintenance costs, assets, donations

Record-keeping and reports

City Records

  1. “Separate Inspection reports on Houses of Refuge”–14th Annual Report on House Refuge in Toronto
  2. “Report on Hospitals and Charities in 1911”
  • These records show that the City of Toronto kept their own set of records that were independent from the House of Industry’s Annual Reports
  • Here they would indicate similar facts: costs to maintain refuges, statuary aid grants, what the City Inspector saw when visiting charities and inspection observations and recommendations.

City Records








Bequest vs Salary

  • Showing difference in substantial amount of donation
  • 2 prominent names:
  • William Gooderham 1890 $10,000
  • Alex T. Fulton 1892 $5,000

Bequest vs. Salary

Who were these generous men and what did they do?

Benefactors of the House of Industry:
Alex T. Fulton and William Gooderham

Both of these men served as directors for the Bank of Toronto

Alex T. Fulton

  • Fulton is less well-known than Gooderham
  • Has a scholarship named after him at the University of Toronto (wealthy)

William Gooderham

  • Immigrated to Upper Canada (York) in 1831-32
  • With his brother-in-law (James Worts), began a milling business
  • Gooderham and Worts Distillery District (continued until 1990)
  • By 1845, “industrial show-place” (greatest taxpayers)
  • Director of the Bank of Upper Canada in 1860 (above)
  • President of the Bank of Toronto in 1864

William Gooderham – The Humanitarian

  • Wealth to give; heart too

Compassion (Toronto City Archives)

  • Will exists in the possession with the Ontario Archives but is considered Privacy Issues block us from viewing how much he left to his family, etc.
  • Known to give to charities
  • Large bequest amount ($10,000) left in will to HOI
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online:
  • Contributed the $113,500 to Toronto General Hospital -with James Worts and William Cawthra
  • Left estate worth ~$1.5 Million (1790- 1890-1)
  • Contributed towards development of the city
  • Cared for inhabitants
  • Going back to first point regarding Land Info:
    Private subscriptions

George Gooderham

  • Took over sole control of family business
  • Bank of Toronto was renamed to Toronto Dominion Bank
  • Continued to lead businesses to progressive success

City Development/ Historic Sites

  • Distillery District
  • Flat Iron building
  • Windmill

Logo of The Distillery District

Gooderham & Worts Distillery

Gooderham Flat Iron

Gooderham Windmill

  • William Gooderham and family were early settlers (Upper Canada), wealthy and powerful people who contributed towards the development of the City of Toronto (Town of York) while continually contributing back to the inhabitants of the city.

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